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Cow 765

September 2, 2016

Photographer unknown

Humans did this. She had no name, only a number: 765. They restrained her and she cried out in pain when an arm was thrust inside her to impregnate her. She laboured and bellowed and gave birth. Before she could even clean up her calf, they took her baby away. She mourned deeply. They took her milk for butter and cream and cheese and yogurt. Then they did it all again, maybe three more times. Taken from her own mother at birth, that has been her whole life. Now there’s nothing left to take from her; her body is tired and spent. So now she’ll go to slaughter. She’ll be loaded onto a truck with so many other cows, all of them frightened and confused, all of them like her. They’ll travel for hours, maybe more than a day. Unable to control their bowels, they will wind up stinking, covered in each other’s shit. When they arrive, electric prods will be used to force them off the truck. It hurts. They’ll hear other cows mooing in terror and they’ll smell the other cows’ blood. If they’re lucky, the captive bolt gun will work and they’ll be unconscious when their throats are slit and they are skinned and dismembered. They’ll never know what they did wrong.

This is dairy. And every time we buy it, we are in effect saying “Do it again.” Please explore alternatives. Don’t consign another cow (or goat or sheep) to her fate.


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