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These Glass Walls was created as a dedicated space to raise awareness of animal rights and welfare issues. I care deeply for the welfare and rights of all animals, but I have a special interest in farmed animals; they are systematically abused and cruelly slaughtered by the billions every year, in North America alone. And most people don’t give this a thought.

The name These Glass Walls comes from both a quote by Paul McCartney and the name of a video he narrated for PETA: “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.”

There’s an awful lot that meat and dairy producers and their government-funded marketing boards don’t want the public to know…because if more people knew, fewer people would be consuming animal products. And that would mean less money in  the pockets of Big Agribusiness executives. That animals should suffer, and on such a massive scale, chiefly for the sake of money is unconscionable  to me. I hope you’ll read about what goes on, think about it, want to know more, and hopefully feel inspired to act on what you’ve learned.

About the author:

Debra Roppolo is a writer, editor and animal protection activist. She lives in Toronto with her husband and five rescued cats. Country mouse cleverly disguised as urban dweller.

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